Who we are

VietHarvest is an innovative new social enterprise founded in 2020 that collects quality surplus food and redistributes it to underserved communities in Vietnam. We are constantly looking for new ways to inspire and educate people about food waste, food security, and sustainability.


What we do

We have big ambitions to reduce food waste, hunger and poverty and create a sustainable food culture and eco-system in Vietnam that is in line with tackling some of the most challenging United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Thay đổi & Tác động tích cực

Chúng tôi cam kết giảm thiểu lãng phí lương thực, thực phẩm và nâng cao chất lượng cuộc sống của các cộng đồng kém may mắn ở Việt Nam.


Bữa ăn được giao


Số kg thực phẩm đã được giải cứu


Người đã được tài trợ nguồn thực phẩm


Meet some
of our family

We believe that VietHarvest is a magnet for magnificent people! These magnificent staff members are delivering goodness across the country.

Get involved

Food Donors

Food Donors

If you are a food business that sees good quality food going to waste in your business, you can become a part of our Food Donor family network.



Are you passionate about reducing food waste, improving our planet and acting on climate change?


Become a volunteer and help us spread the word!



Do you want to benefit from knowing how much impact can be created from your contribution?


Bespoke opportunities exist to become a financial or in-kind donor tailored to company goals and needs.

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